How We Work

We don’t get paid unless you get paid

The goal of the Investigative Department is to find the non-custodial parent, his or her employer and any assets or other sources of income. Marsh Law Group’s team of Investigation Specialists do this by combining “high tech tools” and “years of experience” to find what the normal agency can’t.

Many government enforcement agencies and collection agencies focus their efforts on simply sending multiple letters to the non-custodial parents with the hope it will convince them to pay. Not Marsh Law Group. Our efforts are focused towards frequent personal communication with the non-custodial parent. Our Enforcement Specialists are seasoned negotiators trained to succeed in the non-custodial parents paying and keep on paying.

In addition to negotiating voluntary arrangements, Marsh Law Group also has a number of involuntary remedies at its disposal, including garnishing wages and placing liens on property and assets. In some circumstances Marsh Law Group hires an attorney in the State of Jurisdiction to pursue enforcement solutions that are only available through the court.

Unlike government child support agencies that are over worked and under staffed, our Enforcement Specialists are assigned manageable caseloads to ensure your case receives the personal attention it deserves.

Marsh Law Group processes collections efficiently and accurately. We want you to receive your support as quickly as possible because we know how important it is to you. We maintain exact payment records so we can give proper credit to the non-custodial parent and make sure your contract balance is reduced by the amount of each payment received.

From start to finish, our friendly, knowledgeable Client Service Representatives are there for you to answer any questions you may have. Whether you need some advice on how to complete your application or just have some questions about the status of your case, you can reach a Client Service Representative by calling our office.

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Contact Us

Marsh Law Group
17220 North Boswell Boulevard
Suite 240E
Sun City, AZ 85373

Office: 623-933-7427
Fax: 623-594-2939

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About Us

Marsh Law Group was first contacted by a single mom who personally experienced the aggravation of not being able to get her child support collected through her government child support office. She understood that the government did its best trying to help her, but no matter how hard they tried there would always be difficult cases like hers – and like yours – that would need some extra effort. Because of this single mom and her experience Marsh Law Group developed a system of teaming investigators with enforcement specialists to provide parents with personalized enforcement solutions. The result was – and still is – success!

Marsh Law Group is a private law firm that directs all efforts in enforcing your child support order. Many of our clients are owed $10,000 or more and often haven’t received a child support payment in years. As you might expect, most of our cases are exactly the same type the government struggles with – missing parents, old debt, interstate cases or cases with emancipated children. Our success on these difficult cases fuels our mission to improve the financial security and quality of life of our clients and their children.

As a private law firm we are more agile and have more flexibility in designing an enforcement plan that fits your case. We do not use a “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” approach. We treat our clients as individuals and their cases as unique situations that require unique solutions. Our innovation, advocacy and teamwork are reflected in our success.

Marsh Law Group is a private law firm so we do charge a fee, but only if we succeed in collecting your support. If we don’t perform, you owe us nothing. It’s that simple.

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